So today I came accross an interesting new project. While checking out my own, newly edited and really basic homepage at, I went looking at some of the other personal pages in the site, and found one that was a simple Blog.

Being a blog author for a year now (anniversary this month, since I started Musings by RG on December 2019), I was curious to see what the 'Zonelets' package used in this site was.

And it's quite interesting - after reading the author's site, made using it and also hosted at, I visited her Twitter page and posted a comment on the pinned Tweet about the project.

Next, it's time to try it - which I am doing now and enjoying, as I have already made some small changes and added personal touches. And I am learning things I know little about, which could be useful not only here but on my beloved Write.Freely blogs as well.

Learning a new tool

Changes made? Switched the default theme, instead using one of the project's Custom Themes, called 'Weatherbeaten'. The text and title colours are very nice, light and readable.

I opted for a modified background image - and my trusty Irfanview Image Editor gave me the one in use here now (negative of the original theme's one, and in a reduced 250 pixels size). This could be the beginning of a new Theme, as it looks more like a nice sample of Concrete now

Brought over a nice pen image, which I use in a Reddit sub, and made a new favicon for this blog. And this is just the beginning, more changes and learning in the next few days I am sure.

I sincerelty wanted to thank Marina Ayano for this, nice work!